Jyldyz Bekova

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Hello everyone! I am Zhyldyz Bekova, and I‘m an artist from sunny Kyrgyzstan! The country of great mountains and the most beautiful nature! I was born in a family of artists. I have two degrees: the secondary one is Kyrgyz State Art School named after S. A.Chuikov, Department of decorative and applied arts (from 2005-2009) and the higher education, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction, Department of the design of architectural environment (2009-2015). I participated in various state and national exhibitions.

I consider myself to be an artist of mood; on my site you can find several directions and genres. I like a lot of things: from soft and pink clouds, to the darkest and the most terrible nightmares. In the category of illustrations you will find my warmest and favorite series «The adventures of Arisha» and «Mom’s life», which have received positive responses from my lovely instagram followers, and these series about mother’s everyday life have been spread around the world!

I have been working in graphics, watercolors and mixed techniques for a long time, but I have little experience in oil painting. In the summer of 2020, I started studying oil painting techniques.

I am often asked what else I am interested in besides drawing; and I answer that you can study the art of painting and illustration for the whole of your life, and you might not fully comprehend it. This is inexhaustible inspiration, endless contemplation of ideas and thoughts, and even different moods can be conveyed in paint or in lines.