New series



From psychology, the term «Faisis» means «vitality» that comes from within the personality and contributes to growth and development. (see Eric Berne, Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis for the Uninitiated, 1968). What is the striving for life? In studying all this, I was interested in the very search for a different direction vector in the composition, playing as an experiment of measurability. And is there an end result? Reborn in different forms, spaces, times. All the same, there remains what identifies us. In whatever new form we are reborn, there remains the force that owns us and of which we are made.

A series of works was created for the group exhibition SHART. In total, there are 18 paintings in the series, all canvases are round from the smallest with a diameter of 20cm to the largest 150cm. Most of the paintings are sold to a private collection in London.

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